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One year after launching my first iOS app, Transcrybr

Posted at — Nov 2, 2021

Last year I spent my lockdown time building my first iOS app and finally launched it in September 2020. Of course that was just a start, here’s an overview of how it performs and what I have learned.

What does your app do?

Transcrybr demo It’s a dictation or transcription app that generates text from audio. You can review the generated transcript with the text highlighted as the audio is played back. And of course both the audio and transcript can be exported. Find out more at its landing page or download here.

How many downloads?

Number of downloads Screenshot from App Store Connect

2.86 K. That’s not bad at all considering almost no time and budget spent in marketing.

How much have I made?

Oh yes it’s a paid app. The app is free to download with 15 minutes of free transcription. After that, it’s £3.99/month or £15.49 /year (price varies by region). Both come with a 7-day free trial.

Proceeds Screenshot from a spreadsheet

£517, That’s enough for an iPad mini! (without a pen)

In case you wonder why it wasn’t a screenshot from App Store Connect. App Store Connect is surprisingly a pain when it comes to reviewing revenue. So many times I would stuck on a blank Trends screen.

Proceeds Screenshot from App Store Connect

So I had to grab the actual amounts I received from my bank app transaction history.

Proceeds from Bank app Screenshot from my bank app

However, the iOS version of App Store Connect works alright for quickly checking my past seven days proceeds. It gets updated at around 2 pm GMT everyday.

Weekly Proceeds from iOS Connect Screenshot from App Store Connect iOS

It has become my daily afternoon energy boost to see new one or two weekly subscriptions, or even a yearly subscription. Since the launch, there has only been 1 week (as far as I remember) that the app didn’t generate at all.

Revenue wise, it’s not a lot. But it’s great to know that, on the worst day, I still make £1-2 on average from this app. On top of that, It’s been great to have something to show people whenever they find out I’m an app developer and ask “so have you ever made your own app”?